About Fletco Carpets


Fletco Carpets produce full-coverage carpets for homes as well as the business market. Materials, design and quality are adapted accordingly. The company therefore offers in its standard program approx. 30 grades, each produced in 5-50 colors.

The products are stocked in roll lengths of approx. 25 meters, and all qualities are available in both 4 and 5 meter width.

The carpets are made of polyamide, polypropylene and wool.

In addition to the standard program, Fletco Tæpper also offers a special program with 5-10 grades. The special program will typically have a shorter lifetime than the standard program, which is at least produced in 3 years.


For a number of years, Fletco Tæpper has implemented an ambitious investment program to ensure a modern and flexible machinery park.

Today, the company has an extremely new production equipment, which is also characterized by great flexibility, so it is possible for relatively modest means to make refurbishments in order to accommodate any changes in the market's needs.

The technological initiative has generated more innovations, some of which are patented. This applies, for example. the company's convoy innovation - an integrated transport system that was originally developed for the slaughtering industry, but which Fletco Tæpper now has the exclusive right to use in the carpet industry.


Until 1975, Fletco Tæpper was almost exclusively a producer for the Danish market, but a targeted strategy has changed this. Today, 75 percent of the production is exported primarily to European countries, among other things. Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, UK and Holland. The sale takes place through own organization, agents and importers. The presentation takes place at internationally recognized fairs, known for attracting decision makers.

Fletco's sales have been steadily increasing for a number of years. Even in the market with fierce price competition, it has succeeded in getting stuck, and Fletco Carpets has in its main markets increased market shares.


The carpet manufacture itself takes place at its own factory. The back cover is applied to the finishing plant Foamtex, which Fletco Tæpper is co-owner of, and which is also located as a neighbor to the carpet factory. Under the auspices of Foamtex is also acquired color and laboratory.

  The laboratory controls all raw materials that are involved in the production, as well as all finished products are tested. Fletco has joined the European allergy label from TüV, and the laboratory checks that all collars are in compliance with both the production process and the finished products. Fletco's carpets are also quality tested in relation to national labels and certificates.