Pinotex Kitchen Table Oil - 0.75 liters

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product Description

Used on untreated or lye-treated wood as with kitchen worktops, furniture etc. where you want to give the wood an elegant white surface.

The product can be used on both new wood and previously treated surfaces, which must be sanded easily before application.

Technical data

  • Drying time (hours): 4
  • Overcoat dry after (hours): 24
  • Clean tools with: Turpentine
  • Tools: Brush

User Manual

The surface is cleaned with Pinotex Ground Cleaner Wood. New wood, as well as previously treated surfaces, is sanded lightly, after which the sanding dust is removed. Apply the cooking oil with a brush or cloth and let it soak in the wood for 20 minutes. Then dry thoroughly with clean, dry cotton cloths so that no oil is left on the surface. Then let the oil cure for 8 hours. Any empty packaging and residues must be handed over to the municipal reception system. When sanding treated surfaces, hazardous dust and / or smoke can be formed, therefore ensure good ventilation and use the necessary personal protective equipment.


A good result requires that the oil is applied to clean and dry wood.
Apply Pinotex kitchen table oil in an appropriate amount and dispense with a brush or cloth. The tree must be saturated with oil.
After max. 20 - 30 min. at 20 ° C, wipe off excess oil with a clean and lint-free cloth. Then dry thoroughly with clean, dry cotton cloths. Be aware that the surface must be completely free of excess oil.
Then, the treated surface is polished with a polishing cloth to make the surface extra durable. If the wood surface is heavily absorbent, the treatment must be repeated.

In approx. 24 hours at 20 ° C the oil is cured. During this period, the wood surface must not be exposed to moisture or water.
After 24 hours, the surface is ready for use.


The wood surface is maintained as needed or at least once a year with kitchen table oil. Before refining with oil, clean the surface with Pinotex Ground Cleaner Wood.

additional information

NB. Cloths, etc., used in connection with the application of the oil, are put immediately after use, into an airtight, non-combustible container and destroyed as there is a risk of self-ignition.