Dana Lim Danaseal Acrylic 504


Danaseal Acryl 504 is a plastic elastic phthalate-free water-based sealant that can be painted over. It cures by evaporation of water.

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Danaseal Acryl 504 is used for grouting around doors and windows, between gypsum partitions, grouting by frames and skirtings, as well as for filling cracks, plate joints, pipe penetrations etc. The jointing compound is also suitable for the construction of sound joints. Can be used on surfaces such as. concrete, bricks, glass, wood, most painted surfaces, aluminum etc. without the use of primer.


  • Type: Water-based acrylic grout
  • Fungicide treated: No
  • Consistency: Pastous, thixotropic mass
  • Density: approx. 1.65 kg / liter
  • Shelf life: 2 years in unopened packaging by dry and cool storage

Packaging size: 300 ml cartridge

Cured sealant:

  • Paintable: Yes
  • Shrinkage: approx. 15%
  • Resistance: Temperature: approx. -25 ° C to +80 ° C
  • Water: Withstands moisture, but is not water resistant.


Sizing the joint: The sealant can be used in joints from 0 to 25 mm width. Fountain bottom is used in the right dimension, which is placed according to the desired joint depth. Note! In the case of many construction projects, the building materials used will be acclimatized during the first few months. This will especially be the case in the period after commissioning where the premises are heated. Thereby, a larger shrinkage can occur between the building parts than a joint sealant has the opportunity to absorb. This is especially true if the joints are narrow. A cracking can therefore occur, which must subsequently be re-glued (when the construction has reached its equilibrium in relation to the conditions of use).

Preparation of materials: The joint sides should be clean, dry, free of release agent, grease, dust and loose particles. Danaseal Acryl 504 can be used without primer on most surfaces such as glass, aluminum, wood, concrete, brick etc. Highly porous surfaces are primed with a solution of 50% acrylic grout and 50% water.

Since in practice there may be variations in the individual materials, sufficient adherence attempts should always be carried out before initiating - especially large - tasks. It is recommended to use cover tape which is removed immediately after application of the sealant.

Application temperature: Can be applied at temperatures from +5 ° C to +40 ° C.

Application : The cartridge tip of the cartridge is cut with a sharp knife, after which the actual tip is cut. With a slanted cut that is slightly smaller than the width of the joint. The sealant is applied using a hand or compressed air gun.

The joint is pressed in place and gently peeled with a water-saturated joint stick, wet sponge or wet cloth, at the latest 5 - 10 minutes after application.

Curing : Hindu formation: approx. 10 minutes at 23 ° C and 50% RH. Adhesive: approx. 15 minutes at 23 ° C and 50% RH. Cured: 1 - 2 days for small joints- Larger joints require longer curing time. The sealant cures more slowly at lower temperatures and higher humidity.

Finishing : After curing, Danaseal Acryl 504 can be overcoated with most types of paint. Due to the many different products on the market, however, we recommend that you try, especially for matt types of paint, cracking can occur.

Discoloration of joints : For more information on discoloration of joints, see "Technical information and yellowing" in our brochure catalog.

Cleaning : Tools cleaned - and sealant removed - with eg. hot water. Cured sealant can only be removed mechanically. Wash hands and skin with water and soap.