Fibertex Weed Cloth - 1x25 meters

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To keep weeds from growing up between tiles or patio boards.

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It is always a good idea to put weeds out under your new terrace as it will reduce weeds from growing up between the boards.

Fibertex weed, 80 grams per. m2.

Content per roll: 1x25 meters

Separates, filters, stabilizes, drains, protects. Indispensable supplement to new tiling and garden projects. A Fibertex tablecloth ensures that your coating is kept flat for a longer period of time and that it takes more than usual for your driveway or terrace to be re-laid. A Fibertex All-round tablecloth gives you eg. value because the amount of weeds coming from below is reduced and you avoid tramlines in your driveway. The behavior of ants and the undermining of sand and soil are kept down and the stability of the earth is increased. Fibertex All-round non-woven fabric prevents the drainage pipe from clogging. The fiber cloth is wrapped around your drain pipe and ensures that only water comes into the drain pipe, while even the smallest sand and soil particles from the water are filtered off so that your pipe is not clogged