Altro Walkway 20 is our incredibly popular, durable 2mm safety floor that prevents both slipping and wear throughout product life. See all the colors below.

The range offers 42 colors - both light and subdued, designs without sparks and decorative designs with colored flakes, giving you greater design flexibility.

Altro Walkway 20 shares color selection with Altro XpressLay . This allows you to combine both product lines if, for example, you need a traditionally glued safety floor, and at the same time one that should not be glued in an adjacent area.

You've appreciated working with Altro Walkway 20 for more than 25 years because it's easy to load into hollow holes and welds. It achieves a score of PTV ≥ 36 in the pendulum test , which means sustained slip resistance throughout the life of the product. It also has PUR cleaning ease, which ensures the best possible rejection of chemicals and stains.