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Bamboo Extreme, Carbonized Lacquer

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Model: 115408
Weight: 14
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This beautiful floor has the same exclusive dark shades, which are known from eg. wood type merbau. It is produced by heating up the bamboo. The natural sugar content of bamboo means that it is dyed without chemical additives.
This process is called carbonization.
With a matt-lacquered floor, it is often enough with a vacuum cleaner and a floor wash for many years to come. The patented click assembly ensures easy and quick installation.

Size: 14x135x1830 mm
Surface: Lacquer
Hardness (brinell):
Approx. 9.5
14 kg. per. m2
Content per package:
1.98 m2
Mechanical collection: Click
Housing and business
Suitable for: Swimming on solid ground - Underfloor heating
The floor comes with a click system

Laying board laying guide:
Binding guide Bamboo Extreme click.pdf

Care guide for lamella board:
Care guide lacquered bamboo floors.pdf