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Bamboo Extreme, Natural white matt

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Model: 110608
Weight: 14
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The white matt lacquer, specially developed for the Bamboo Extrem ™ floor, emphasizes in a beautiful way, the yearly structure that characterizes Bamboo Extrem ™. We still use the same well-known robust plank, but now it has a white surface that makes every room look bright and friendly.

Size: 14x135x1830 mm
Surface: White matt lacquer
Hardness (brinell):
Approx. 9.5
14 kg. per. m2
Content per package:
1.98 m2
Mechanical collection: Click
Housing and business
Suitable for: Swimming on solid ground - Underfloor heating
The floor comes with a click system

Laying board laying guide:
Binding guide Bamboo Extreme click.pdf

Care guide for lamella board:
Care guide lacquered bamboo floors.pdf