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v. 7.9 1

Bambus Plank ™, Bamboo Extrem ™, Bamboo Extreme LamelPlank ™ and Bamboo Stake ™ ™ Swimming Pool Guide

1. Upon receiving the floor
- This manual applies to H & W item number: 100302, 100402, 105102, 105202, 105602, 110204, 110404,
115204, 115504, 130207, 130407, 135207, 135407 & 106450.
- Check if quantity & product matches the order ordered.
- Check if the item has been transport damaged. If necessary, notify the driver immediately.
- Place the packages in a heated room (approx. 20 gr.) With a relative humidity of approx. 50%. The floor must acclimate
in min.72 hours in the above environment before start of operation.
- If the rooms in which the floor is to be laid, will have a different relative humidity in the future than approx. 50%, it must perform
condition the floors according to the expected humidity. Contact any. a person skilled in the art for further information on room moisture
and floor conditioning.
- Written quality assurance must be carried out on an ongoing basis, which can document that the stated conditions have been complied with.

2. Before laying the floor
Important things to remember:

- A "swimming" floor must always be able to work. That is, it must not be attached to the substrate.
- The floor must not be laid under fixed cabinets, wood-burning stove, partitions, kitchen cabinets or other heavy objects such as
"Fixes" the floor.
- Always remember mine. 10-12 mm air for adjacent building parts, installations, etc.
- The floors must not lie w / transition to other rooms. They must be broken, possibly. with an expansion joint. The dilatation joint must also
is used for larger floor surfaces (more than 6x12 meters - 12 meters measured in the direction of the year).
- Footrests etc. must be screwed into the wall - not in the floor!
- When cutting BambusPlank ™ it is recommended to use a mask. Due to the hardness of the material, microfibers can occur
when the material is cut.

v. 7.9 2
- Bamboo floors have color variation and it is therefore necessary to mix the packages when assembling. This is achieved
the great color play. The packages can be labeled with L (Light), M (Medium) or D (Dark). These give a hint of the color
in the package.

There cannot be advertised on planks fitted with visible faults.
On existing wooden floors:

- The floor must be firm & level (± 2 mm at 2 m straight). It must in no way be unstable, contain loose boards or the like.
- If the old floor shows larger openings / cracks, it may be advantageous to lay the new floor across it
- Never put moisture barrier on old wooden floors or substrates of other organic material.
- If necessary, mount a base with a noise reduction.

On concrete / clinker:
- The floor must be firm & level (± 2 mm at 2 m straight).
- A vapor barrier is laid out e.g. of 0.20 mm polyethylene foil (this is moved 10 cm up the wall) and one
felt / step sound damping surface.

3. Laying the floor
To achieve the right color gamut, it is recommended to mix the boards from the different packages with each other.

1st row:
- Insert with a note against the wall. Always remember mine. 10-12 mm for adjacent building parts, installations, etc.

- Apply a thin stripe "Bostik groove and ferlim" or "Bostik Trælim 730 out" in the top of the groove - both on the long side
as endenoten. Any excess glue should be removed immediately with a damp cloth.
- When gluing (Only applies to floors without click system) of Bamboo Extrem ™ it is recommended to glue in the top of the bottom of the net.

- Check with string that 1st row planks lie straight. This is done for every 5th row.

- Note that BambusPlank ™ has less tolerance difference than wooden floors and therefore it is usually easier to assemble. That's why
It is important to use wedges.

In case the Bamboo Extreme ™ beats slightly, it is recommended to use floor straps and pull in the planks. v. 7.9 3
- When assembling rows & buttocks, you can use drawbar & impact block. First, remember to collect the ends and then drive
the planks together along the side. End assemblies must be staggered min. 500 mm. The planks are assembled with the help of the wooden core
over the ends and the wedges. This must be done for each row.

Last board:
- Remember to cut last plank so that 10-12 mm air is kept to the wall. Remember the distance wedges.
- A floating floor should always be fixed by a strip (mounted on the wall), which ensures that the floor does not open.

4. Underfloor heating
Bamboo Plank ™ can be mounted on floor heating as some other plank floors. However, it is to be expected that the planks will
work more than by ordinary assembly and joints will occur between the planks - especially during the winter period. However, it will know
floating floors experience that larger joints between the floor surface and the adjacent walls etc.

When mounting on floor heating it is important to follow the instructions:
- The boards can be mounted on most types of floor heating - please contact us for approval.
- Floor heating systems must be used which ensure even temperature distribution on the surface.
- The underfloor heating system must be equipped with lockable control, which limits the temperature. The floorboards must not
exceed 27 ° in surface temperature!
- The heating system must be switched off at least 2 days before laying the floor. When the floor is laid, the heating system can be gradually adjusted
back to the desired temperature (max. 27 ° surface temperature). Note that too fast upgrading can occur
cracks / scratches in the planks.
- Beams / beams must be dried to 8% ± 2% in order to avoid drying out and hence creaking noise.
- For power-based floor heating systems, the power must not exceed 100 W / m2.

5. Future maintenance of bamboo floors
- The optimal environment for Holse & Wibroe's bamboo floors is that in the future a room temp will be kept. of approx. 20 degrees and a relative
humidity in the rooms of 50%. For shorter periods this must fluctuate from 35% to 65%, never below or above.

Lower humidity can cause the floors to shrink too much, while higher air humidity can cause the floors
expands too much.
- If there is any doubt about the relative humidity in a room, obtain a hygrometer or contact a specialist.

v. 7.9 4
Bamboo Extreme ™ oil / oil should always be run over with nets (180) and then oiled before commissioning.

For maintenance of bamboo flooring - see www.holseogwibroe.dk
Full adhesion follow this link: http://holseogwibroe.dk/data/bambusplank.dk/pdf/Bambusgulve%20fuldklæbet%20v3,9.pdf
Installation on joists follow this link: http://holseogwibroe.dk/data/bambusplank.dk/pdf/BambusGulve%20strøer%20v3,9.pdf
Maintenance follow this link: http://holseogwibroe.dk/data/bambusplank.dk/pdf/PlejevejlOlieredeBambusgulvev21.pdf