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Bamboo Plank, Carbonized Oil

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Model: 105202
Weight: 15
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One of our best selling floors. The deep glow, which is approaching the nuances of light nut tree, has come about by heating up the bamboo. The natural sugar content of bamboo means that it is dyed without chemical additives. This process is called carbonization.

Size: 19x150x1900 mm
Surface: Oil
Hardness (brinell): Approx. 4.7
Weight: 15 kg. per. m2
Content per package:
2.28 m2
Mechanical collection: Fer and Not
Housing and business
Suitable for: Bedding - Full adhesion - Swimming on solid ground - Underfloor heating

Download installation instructions for lamella board:
Bamboo floors fullblown.pdf
BambooGulve stroeer.pdf
Bambusgulve svoemmende.pdf

Download grooming board care instructions:
Care guide oiled bamboo floors.pdf