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Bamboo SkibsPlank ™ is Holse & Wibroe's floor for those who want a maritime look in their home.
Bamboo SkibsPlank ™ is supplied as "Bamboo Plank ™ Carbonized" and then has a special cut (3x8 mm) for the rubber joint.
The deep glow that our massive carbonized floors have, makes for a very nice contrast between the black rubber groove and the massive bamboo planks.

Bamboo SkibsPlank ™ is for those who like to dream back on the old teak deck with the scent of fresh salt water and raw sea air - but also to those who want the maritime look combined with the minimalist structures like Holse. & Wibroe's Bamboo Plank ™ is characterized by.

The rubber joint, which is sprayed into the milling cutter, also causes no shrinkage cracks between the floorboards in the winter. The rubber joint expands and ensures that the floor is smooth and flat all year round!
Bamboo SkibsPlank ™ is easily mounted by first mounting the planks, then spraying the supplied sealant into the milling cutter. Allow the sealant to completely harden and then sand the floor so that the grout becomes level with the floorboards. Finally, the floor can be oiled and ready for use.

Bamboo SkibsPlank ™ has the same dimensions as our regular Bamboo Plank ™:
19 x 150 x 1900 mm and the groove for the rubber joint is 3x8 mm (8 mm in width).
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