BeefEater Signature SL4000s 6 Burner

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BeefEater Signature SL4000s 6 Burner

Model: 30060
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BeefEater Signature SL4000 with 6 burners. BeefEater's absolute top model.

Gril spit / rotisserie is optional and is not included.

  • Heavy duty cast stainless steel burners (5.3 KW)
  • Anti-flame stainless steel vaporizers
  • Hot reflectors in stainless steel
  • Grate as well as stainless steel roasting plate
  • Quartz ignition system on each burner
  • Large window cover
  • Large removable heating shelf in stainless steel
  • Trolley contains: Drawer for gas bottle, drawer for waste bin and drawer for storing barbecue equipment
  • Integrated stainless steel side burner (4.2 KW)
  • Side curve 2 pcs. plus retractable tea towel holder
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Full cover protection covers included
  • H: 1228mm B: 1970mm D: 570mm - Total weight 152kg

BeefEater's Australian-produced Signature® series represents the ultimate in quality and design. The models have many features and are aimed at the barbecue enthusiasts who want the best of the best. The robust and powerful design of the Signature series combined with the clean lines and the stainless steel finish make this series of Grilles a class of its own. All Signature models are made of quality stainless steel category 304 which is the preferred material of professional chefs because it is easy to clean and maintain. All Signature models have double insulated lids, powerful side burners and built-in quartz ignition in all burners. Signature models are equipped with dual vaporizers that eliminate the risk of flare. The so-called hotplate is of course also standard on the Signature series and it allows you to make dishes such as pancakes, mirror eggs and vegetables etc. Last but not least, we give a lifetime guarantee on the Signature series. The warranty covers all parts made of stainless steel.