Besma Befa Tiles

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- Strong alkaline tile cleaner.
- Basic cleaning before any impregnation.
- For outdoor use.
- Effectively removes dirt, grime and lichen fungi from concrete tiles.
- Biodegradable.

Instructions for use:
Remove grass/moss between the tiles, sweep if necessary. the tiles.
The treatment is best carried out in gray weather, 10º – 20º C.
The tiles can be moistened with water before cleaning.
Befa Fliserens is mixed 1:5 5 liters Befa Fliserens ranges for approx. 60 m2.
Spread the working solution with a broom on the tiles (preferably in smaller stages).
Leave on for approx. 20 minutes (do not dry completely on the tiles).
Befa Tile dissolver and loosens the "stains" on the tiles so they can be scrubbed away.
Scrub the tiles thoroughly with clean water. Use a broom or floor scrubber.
Rinse thoroughly with clean water before using the tiles.

Wear gloves and rubber boots. Avoid getting Befa Fliserens on the skin/eyes.
Avoid animals walking on the tiles while cleaning is taking place.
Protect light metals and painted surfaces.

Download: Product information on BEFA tiles