IDEAL Olivia Carpet - 406

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Model: 3131
Weight: 23,3
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Roller width: 400 cm.

Back: Cosyback

Thickness approx .: 10.9 mm.

Kneading density: 212,598 pr. m2

Type: Woven Saphira 1/10 Cut Arrows

Material: 100% Polyamide

Luv weight: 1600 grams per. m2

Total weight: 2115 grams per. m2

Fire approval: Cfl-S1

Since the carpet has a Cosyback backing, we recommend that the carpet be glued to the subfloor for the best result. If a softer backing is desired on the carpet, Egalsoft substrate can be mounted on which the carpet is then glued.

See carpet adhesive here.

See Egalsoft's documentation here.


Mounting the carpet

If you are an avid Do It Yourself, and you feel like the task, we've provided some guidelines and tips below to get started.

Before you begin:

  • Make sure you have all the equipment and tools you need. The tools include measuring tape, pencil, sharp carpet knife / hobby knife, scissors and a ruler.
  • Prepare your subfloor. Your subfloor must be free of dust, dirt or other obstacles. Make sure the subfloor is clean and level. Holes or cracks must be filled first.
  • Measure everything correctly. Don't forget to pay attention to the difficult areas around radiator pipes or narrow corners.

Installing the carpet:

  • Start by mounting the Egalsoft surface if you have chosen the extra soft solution.
  • Place your carpet in the room.
  • Begin rolling your blanket into space and try to keep it straight and level on the subfloor. Cut off the excess carpet, but leave a little extra on the walls.
  • Press the carpet firmly against the walls and in the corners and then cut the carpet.

Always remember the following!

Allow your carpet to acclimate in space for a while before mounting. Allow the carpet some time to adjust to the room temperature and humidity before actually installing it.

Determine the right installation method.

- Do not use double-sided adhesive tape to install your carpet, it will not stick to the carpet when it is with Cosyback.

- If you choose to glue the carpet to the subfloor, be sure to choose a solvent-free adhesive that does not contain harmful compounds. Such as. our carpet glue.

- You can also put carpet without attaching it to the floor. However, this is not recommended for large rooms.

If you want to assemble the carpet of several pieces, always remember to mount the carpets in the same direction.