Haro Celenio Natural Design - Athos Savanna

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CELENIO combines the benefits of wood with the look of stone, slate, textile and concrete look.

Model: 537183
Weight: 7,15

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Total thickness: 6.5 mm.
Tire dimensions per board: 350 x 703 mm.
Content per Package: 2.47 m2 / 10 tiles
The floor comes with the Topconnect click system - the floor can easily be mounted, almost without the use of tools.

Remember to buy a base for the floor, you will find all the Haro substrates here.

  • Brand quality from Germany's leading parquet manufacturer
  • Brand quality - Made in Germany
  • An innovative product in the wood material Harolith
  • Special, modern surface structures and colors
  • Lovely warm and comfortable to walk on
  • Incredibly fragile
  • Living naturalness
  • Easy to lay, also on top of floor heating
  • Resistant and incredibly easy to care for

Are you in doubt about the crowd? Try Haro's floor calculator here.