Nordic Fence offers 2 different types of clothing - in different design terms. Here is really something for everyone.


WPC is made from 60% recycled wood, 30% recycled plastic and 10% additives. The use of recycled wood helps to protect the environment, as production does not lead to the forging of forests. WPC from Wimex is 100% free of bamboo and without phthalates.

WPC clothing from Wimex has a very long life, does not rot and should never be painted - however, a smaller color loss can be expected over time. The quality is top notch and you can enjoy your WPC fence many years into the future.

In the case of sun and heat, the WPC boards can turn an arc. This is often seen in the case where there is a warm and cold side of the fence. The boards are equalized again when the sun - and thus the heat - decreases.


The EX series is developed by Japanese Nichiha, for facades and fences. Unique to the EX series is that it is found in a myriad of different clothing expressions from woodwork over smooth surfaces to bricks.

The EX series is the fiber cement-based super product of the future. The fiber cement plates are very durable and resistant to wind and weather. The panels are surface-treated with a strong multi-layer impregnation.

Choose the type that fits your house, mount the fence and enjoy the unique expression that the EX series gives you.


* WPC is a natural material, so there will be nuance differences between boards

Model: 1652191033
Model: 2048712/3364977331
Model: 1804126/3364979531
Model: 1804133/3364979331
Model: 1804131/3364979631
Model: 1804130/3364979431
Model: 1804128/3364979231