Including a large selection of cork floors from Haro.

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HARO cork flooring is full of natural life
Carefully selected and processed, it forms the basis for an ecological, building biological and ergonomic coating in high class. Cork floors are foot warm and insulate. It dampens the noise and relieves spinal column and joint. And at the same time, the HARO cork floor is easy to clean.

Invites to walk on bare feet
Well, so you don't know cork? The living natural material that grows like bark on the cork oak can do much more than sitting in the throat of wine and champagne bottles. Thorough sorting and processing form the basis of an ecological substrate that is more elastic and constructionally sensible than most others. Cork flooring insulates, dampens noise and steps and is at the same time more regenerative.

Fresh from the tree
There have been cork oaks at the western Mediterranean for over 60 million years. The fascinating trees grow over 300 years old and grow in two directions: inside, wood occurs outside cork, which is carefully peeled off manually by harvest. With 50 percent market share, Portugal is the most crucial raw material supplier in the world. The cork production has a long tradition there. The tree must each use between nine and ten years until the bark again corresponds to the quality it is demanding for the production of floor coverings. The fall does not damage the cork gene. Many old trees have been peeled a dozen times.

Nature is brought into the house
Only the best material extracted from the bark from the cork ore is processed into our cork floors - you must enjoy it for a long time. Now only the surface treatment is missing - then there is no longer anything that stands in the way of the great performance.

HARO cork flooring CoraCork forest with many cork oaksCareful peeling of the bark on a cork oak
A multitalent

Under pressure, cork becomes rather thin and shrinks by up to 40 percent - only to immediately resume its original shape. The about 60 million air cells that a piece of cork the size of a sugar cane makes it as resilient as the human skin. Maybe kids just love playing on cork floors? Also, allergy sufferers and asthmatics appreciate it. It does not absorb dust or dirt, and remains ultra pure in the literal sense of the word.


Raw material with history and future
Already in ancient times, the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans appreciated the cork's elasticity and water impermeability - especially when it came to closing wine bottles and jars safely and closely. In the last few millenniums, the use of corks has greatly expanded: It is used for ergonomic sandal soles, acts as a swim for the fishing net, for ecological insulation of rooftops and walls, and even used as high-tech insulation material in the space shuttle.


* Imitated wood