Murtex Silicate silicate paint 10 liters

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Murtex Silicate silicate paint 10 liters

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product Description

Murtex Silicate is a full mat, diffusion open, 1-component silicate paint. It is used for facades of plaster, concrete, brick (min 2 years old), cement fiber boards and surfaces previously treated with mineral products.

The substrate must be clean, dry, firm and sustainable, and free from fouling. Poorly bonded surfaces such as old lime base are cleaned to clean, firm and sustainable bottom. Highly absorbent substrate eg old well-cleaned lime base, pretreated with Murtex Silicate Primer, diluted with 1: 1 water. Substrates that are normally absorbent are treated with Murtex Silicate, mixed with Murtex Silicate Primer in the ratio 2: 1. Finished paint: Murtex Silicate is usually applied twice, possibly. diluted with 10% water for the first time. Murtex Silicate must be applied by cross-coating and "wet in wet", without staying on the surface. Warning! Murtex Silicate is corrosive and can etch glass, ceramics, clinker, natural stone and metals. Always wear safety glasses and gloves. Do not paint in direct sunlight or when looking for precipitation within 6 hours of application. Do not paint below 10 ° C. The relative humidity should be between 65-80% during application.

  • Gloss: Helmat
  • Packaging: 10L
  • Number of applications / treatments: 2
  • Capacity: New paint 3-5 m2 / liter, repainting 4-6 m2 / liter
  • Drying time (hours): 1
  • Overcoat dry after (hours): 12
  • Clean tools with: Water
  • Tools: Brush, Roll