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FAXE Wood cleaner Outdoor

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Cleaning for wood for outdoor use.

FAXE Wood Cleaner Outdoor removes dirt, coatings and minor traces of weathering by untreated or oiled wood surfaces. FAXE Wood cleaner Outdoor use for regular cleaning and before finishing with FAXE Precious wood oil.

Model: 15191
Weight: 1 kg
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Packaging size: 1 liter
Row capacity: 15 m² / l.
Application: Buckle, brush.
Type: Water-borne

• FAXE Wood cleaner Outdoors are mixed with 5 parts of water and applied abundantly to the wood.
• Must work for approx. 20 minutes, dirt is loosened with the brush and washed thoroughly with water. The treatment is repeated as needed.
• After drying, fine-grained wood is sanded with a fine grinding sponge or sandpaper.

Post processing:
The finishing is done with FAXE Precious Wood Oil or FAXE Patio Oil. If the wood is very weathered or bleached, colored oils are recommended for refreshment.

Technical data:
Cleaning: Tools cleaned with water.
pH: 1.5.

Storage: Not less than + 5 ° C.

Water, oxalic acid, below 5% nonionic surfactants.

The product is shaken / stirred thoroughly before and during use. If several canisters are to be used for the treatment, all contents must be mixed together before use to ensure a uniform result. It is always recommended to do a small sample for surface, adhesion, and color test.

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