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Protection and maintenance of painted wood surfaces.

FAXE GOlak Care is specially designed for cleaning, care, protection and maintenance of painted wood surfaces. The product contains no solvents and is a water-based paint care.

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Packaging size: 1 liter, 2.5 liters
Row capacity: 100-150 m² / l.
Drying time: 2 hours at 20 ° C.
Application: Mop or floor cloth.
Type: Water-borne

On all painted wood surfaces, where a durable and easy to clean surface is desired.

If the wood is heavily soiled, wash it first with FAXE GOLak Cleaner, following the dunk instructions.

User Guide:
1. Shake the canister before use.
2. Dissolve FAXE GOlak Care in lukewarm water at 1:30.
3. Wash in the longitudinal direction of the wood with mop or floor cloth.
4. Wipe the floor with wiped cloth or mop to remove excess liquid.
5. Allow the wood to dry completely.

Technical data:
Shake before use.
Cleaning: Clean tools in water.
pH: 8-9.

Storage: Store at min. + 5 ° C.

Wax emulsion, water and detergents <5% EDTA, <5% Nonionic surfactants.

The product is shaken / stirred thoroughly before and during use. If several canisters are to be used for the treatment, all contents must be mixed together before use to ensure a uniform result. It is always recommended to do a small sample for surface, adhesion, and color test.

VOC: 2004/42 / 11A (i) (140) 0