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FAXE Care Oil

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Care and renovation of oiled floors

FAXE Care Oil is used for first-time care and renovation of wood surfaces that have become
treated with natural, hardening oils. Existing oil surfaces become particularly durable.
Worn surfaces get renewed depth and glow. FAXE Care oil is recommended by manufacturers
of the finished parcel for first-time treatment. Small areas are machined by hand, larger
areas with a machine.

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Colors: Nature and White
Packaging size: 1 liter, 2.5 liters
Row capacity: 40-100 m² / l.
Drying time: Can be loaded after 4-8 hours at 20 ° C.
Application: Polishing pad, oil-absorbing cloths.

Clean with FAXE Trees and allow the wood to dry 4 - 8 hours before applying FAXE Oil at min. 18 ° C.

• FAXE Care oil is applied to the wood and polished with a white polish pad into the wood until the surface is saturated and the wood cannot absorb / absorb more oil.

• The surface should be completely polished with oil-absorbing cloths.

Post processing:
For machine-treated surfaces, the floor can be used after a few hours. By manually treated floors, usually the next day. Walkways can be covered airy on the first day with flooring paper. For the first 3 days, the surface must not be washed and the surface protected from water.

Technical data:
Cleaning: Tools cleaned with mineral turpentine.

Not less than + 5 ° C.

Isoparaffin, refined vegetable oils, wood oil, desiccant, possibly. pigments.

The product is shaken / stirred thoroughly before and during use. If several canisters are to be used for the treatment, all contents must be mixed together before use to ensure a uniform result.

It is always recommended to do a small sample for surface, adhesion, and color test.

VOC: 2004/42 / IIA (i) (500) 273

Subject to technical changes and printing errors.

Danger of spontaneous combustion: Oil-saturated cloths, abrasive dust, etc. can spontaneously ignite. Cloths, etc. Soak with water and dispose of or store in tightly closed packaging.