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FAXE InvisiOil Neutral

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Wood flooring treatment. Preserves the untreated appearance

FAXE InvisiOil, based on refined plant and wood oils, not only combines beauty with abrasion resistance, but also gives the tree a natural, easy-care surface.

Model: 14373

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Packing size: 2.5L

Row capacity: 4-12 m² / l.

Drying time: Resistant to use after 5 hours at 20 ° C, fully cured after 7 days.

Application: Paint roller, oil scraper, paintbrushes, white polishing pad, floor cloths.


Application :

On all untreated or lye-treated wood on floors, doors, furniture etc. Use FAXE InvisiOil, where you want to add a natural look to the tree where the structure is preserved

User Guide:

  1. First clean thoroughly with FAXE Trees and lukewarm water (1:40). The tree must be completely dry. Drying time 4-8 hours at 20 ° C.
  2. The canister is shaken thoroughly before and during use.
  3. With scouring pad, an appropriate amount of oil is distributed in an even layer. On plank floors, the oil is distributed on 4-6 boards at a time, corresponding to 40-60 cm on parquet floors. The oil should be blank and wet on the wood for 5-10 min. Dry it out, add more oil.
  4. Excess oil is scraped with squeegee to the next stage, while additional oil is added as needed.
  5. Each stage is thoroughly dried with clean, dry cotton cloths so that there is no excess oil on the wood.
  6. Polish the wood with scouring pad.
  7. The oil should now cure for approx. 7 days. During this period, it is important that the wood is not soiled or washed.

Maintenance / cleaning:

The daily maintenance and cleaning of wood treated with FAXE InvisiOil is just vacuuming. When the wood receives dirt, it is easy to clean with FAXE Floor Soap, or FAXE Oil Care, which gives the tree a shiny depth. When the floor again needs oil, it is cleaned with FAXE Trærens and refurbished with FAXE InvisiOil

Technical data:

Cleaning: Tools cleaned in turpentine.

Storage: Dry and cool.


Processed plant and wood oils, isoparaffin, siccative and titanium dioxide.

The product is shaken / stirred thoroughly before and during use. If several canisters are to be used for the treatment, all contents must be mixed together before use to ensure a uniform result. It is always recommended to do a small sample for surface, adhesion, and color test.


Danger of spontaneous combustion: Oil-saturated cloths, abrasive dust, etc. can self-ignite. Soak with water and dispose of or store in tightly closed packaging.