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FAXE Thrush

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Effective protection against yellowing for Oak, Beech and Ash. FAXE Leafwood leaves a bleached look on beech, oak, ash, hevea and other bright foliage types and preserves the natural structure.

Model: 10123
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Packing size: 2.5 liters
Row capacity: Approx. 10 m² / l.
Drying time: Approx. 5 hours at 20 ° C.
Application: Nylon / Lud brush, plastic bucket

For floors, furniture and doors where the bright appearance is to be preserved.

The wood is sanded with a fine pad or grind, after which it is cleaned and dried. Remove stubborn dirt with FAXE Trees. When working with lye, always wear appropriate gloves and goggles.

User Guide:
• Apply the lint uniformly, in the longitudinal direction of the wood, with a lute brush or lamb swab. Smooth overlap while the wood is still wet. For more intense effects, repeat the treatment when the first layer is dry.
• After drying, wash off the lime residue with FAXE Trees.

Post processing:
After lye treatment, the floor must be sealed with either FAXE Wood Oil, FAXE Prestige Oil or FAXE Floor Soap.

Technical data :
Cleaning: Clean tools in water.
pH: 1.

Storage: Not less than + 5 ° C.

Water, <15% oxalic acid, lime, white pigment.

The product is shaken / stirred thoroughly before and during use. If several canisters are to be used for the treatment, all contents must be mixed together before use to ensure a uniform result. It is always recommended to do a small sample for surface, adhesion, and color test.