In this category you will find fences of different types. At we supply all types of fences from Wimex which is Denmark's leading supplier of composite products for terraces. Wimex has now also produced fences in composite boards mounted on galvanized or composite posts. The fence can also be combined with super-slim panels from HBC that produce fiber cement-based fence panels.


Nordic Fence is a professional and well-thought-out fence system, consisting of a large number of materials that you can combine and thus get the exact expression you want.

The fencing system is available in three standard heights (900 mm, 1400 mm and 1800 mm), type numbers 90, 140 and 180.

Our fencing system is innovative and innovative with many exciting materials and surfaces.

The program covers:



" Accessories

Nordic Fence meets the toughest requirements in terms of quality, durability and sustainability.


If you need help finding the price of your new fence from Wimex, please contact us, we are ready to help.