Basic PROFF acoustic panel - Gray Oak

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Model: 2151340
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At Gullvageret, we love the Nordic interior design style. We love the raw look that wood creates. We therefore have sound-absorbing panels for walls and ceilings that fit this style perfectly. The acoustic panels have the same advantages as our wood-concrete acoustic panels, which help to improve the acoustics in the home. Our soundproofing panels for walls and ceilings are available in several different colors and variants, so you can find exactly the one that suits your style.

The different colors help to create a stylish and modern look. Only the imagination sets limits when it comes to interior design, and we give the imagination a little more freedom with the new acoustic panels, and help you find exactly the acoustic panel that suits you.

Due to the amount of wood in the acoustic panels, these may have a slight "smell" of wood etc. upon receipt. Therefore, we prescribe that they must be acclimatized before assembly.

Dimension: 22x605x3000 mm.
Size in m2: 1.82 m2 per panel