Gypsum-based fiber reinforced floor putty - UZIN NC 115


Voltage free, with fiber reinforcement.

Model: 25115
Weight: 25
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Self-leveling, fiber reinforced and gypsum-based filler for straightening, leveling and paving floors indoors. Primarily intended for substrates that cannot withstand stresses, surfaces with adhesive residues, gl. casting asphalt, wooden floors etc. The putty layer can be accessed after approx. 2 hours and forms an ideal base for almost all kinds of floor coverings and adhesives.

NOTE! Although gypsum-based filler compounds are fast-curing, they require longer drying times in thick layers than cement-based ones. Pile layers of 3 mm thickness are normally ready for coating after approx. 1 day, but for each extra mm. should be counted for another 1 day drying time.


  • Can be used on concrete, cement plaster, anhydrite, plasterboard, chipboard, gl. adhesive layer, cast asphalt
  • As a basis for top coatings of linoleum, carpets, wood and the like
  • Suitable for normal loads within housing, business and institution

E restores:

  • Layer thickness from 3 mm up to 30 mm
  • Good buoyancy
  • Very resistant to cracking
  • Fast hardening and high final strength
  • For indoor use only

Consumption: 4.5 kg / m² / 3mm