Fletco Glanzing - Design yourself

You save: €46.97

When you want to buy the carpet in 'Design yourself', you have to buy the whole number of square meters, and subsequently note the color number (You will find it under each picture) and size in the fields below, and send an email with a drawing on the template of your carpet design to info@gulvlageret.dk - marked your order no.

Model: 344000
Availability: In stock

Construction: Tufting 3/16 ''

Pile material: 100% PA 6.6 Invista Antron ® Legacy ™

Back: Newly developed laminated backing with excellent anti-slip properties.

Edges: Complicated edge finishes are not necessary due to the special features of the backing.

Total weight: Approx. 2,250 g / m2

When you have to draw your own carpet - you need to download this template (press to download) . When the template is drawn, you order your blanket and send the drawing to info@gulvlageret.dk

Each box in the template is 10 x 10 cm , and the maximum size for your blanket is 400 x 500 cm . In addition, it is important that you round the number of square meters up to the nearest whole, ie. If your carpet is 1.2 m2 you must order 2 m2.