Moland Parket Unique Oak UV white matt lacquer

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Parquet Unique Oak UV white matt lacquer

Model: 1440677/14300764
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Parquet Unique Oak UV white matt lacquer

Product Name: Moland Parquet Unique 21.5 / 6.6 mm.
Product range: Classic
Wood type: Oak
Type: Parquet 3-pole
Surface: UV matt lacquer - 7 x factory paint
m² / package: 1.99

Wear layer: 6.6 mm
Thickness: 21.5 mm
Width: 182 mm
Length: 2190 mm
Edges: Sharp edge
Structure: 3-layer
Lock system: Goes and not
Laying: Screwed or stitched for straw construction, can alternatively be fully adhered to subfloor.
Suitable for underfloor heating: Yes

Moland Parquet Unique

You get it:

  • 6.6 mm. hardwood slat on the top, which ensures that the floor can be sanded again and again.
  • Middle layer in coniferous wood, which ensures a stable construction.
  • Back of plywood, which makes the product very strong.
  • The floor is FSC marked.
With the Moland Parquet Unique you get a floor with all the advantages that a 3-layer structure provides, and with strength that was massive.
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