Moland wideplank Oak UV-white lacquer PEFC

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Moland wideplank Oak UV-white lacquer PEFC

Model: 1970138/14930664
Weight: 9
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The floors from the Classic series have variation in color, hue and texture. This is expressed by a moderate amount and size of cams, less scraped cracks and color play in the floor. It gives a vivid look. Repaired cams, dark inlets and structural variations occur. This gives a natural look.

Product type: Moland

Type: Wide board

Wood type: Oak

Surface: UV-white lacquer

Product range: Classic

Wear layer: 3.5 mm

Thickness: 22 mm

Width: 190 mm

Length: 1830 mm

Content per package: 1.39 m2

Laying: Direct laying on joists

Suitable for underfloor heating? Yes

Suitable for ship joints? No

Structure: Wide board with intermediate layer of wooden slats

Edge: 2-sided micro-phase

LOC system: T / G (Go and use)

Note: Wood is a living material, and the supplied floor can therefore deviate from the one shown.

Other: Up to 16% can be in shorter lengths.