Bulletin Board
The Bulletin Board provides ideal solutions for the modern, sustainable office environment where partitions or furniture elements can be used to exchange and gather information.

Model: 2162
Model: 2214
Model: 2210
Model: 2209
Model: 2208
Model: 2206
Model: 2204
Model: 2186
Model: 2182
Model: 2166
Model: 2211
Model: 2187
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Model: 2212

Why Choose the Bulletin Board?

Natural & durable
The Bulletin Board is made from natural and renewable raw materials. A combination of oxidized linseed oil, resin and finely ground cork gives the product its flexibility and elasticity. This combination results in a product with an exceptional durability.

With its strength and elasticity, the Bulletin Board is the ideal material for bulletin boards and all other surfaces where ideas and information are to be exchanged. The bulletin board material retains its elasticity and does not mess as it often happens for traditional softboards. The holes contract when you pull out the pin, precisely because of the material's flexibility.

Practical and hygienic
The Bulletin Board does not attract dust and is naturally hygienic. Therefore, the product is a practical solution in the classroom for the children's changing drawings and in office environments.

wall solutions

The Bulletin Board is delivered in rolls of up to 28 meters in length and 1.22 meters in width, making the product suitable for larger assemblies, for example in conference rooms and on walls in corridors.

Decorative solutions

The Bulletin Board is flexible and easy to cut, combine and handle, allowing you to design some creative wall decorations.

Framed solution

The Bulletin Board can be obtained framed in solid color as needed, or in decorative combinations that support the device. All different sizes are ideal for exchanging thoughts or exhibiting your creativity.