Forbo Desktop - Simple Elegance - Bordlinoleum

The Desk Top collection from Forbo consists of 20 undecorated, elegant colors that add a special touch to any piece of furniture.

The color range includes a new, modern light color as well as anthracite, a number of stronger colors as well as a number of dark colors that are new in the collection and which are inspired by wooden shades and leather. In addition, a number of new, fresh and beautiful colors have been added in the classic color range with several warm colors and natural shades used for classic, modern furniture. The latter is particularly suitable for creating a welcoming atmosphere.

This linoleum is perfect for table top linoleum.

Model: 4177
Model: 4178
Model: 4179
Model: 4180
Model: 4183
Model: 4184
Model: 4182
Model: 4186
Model: 4132
Model: 4176
Model: 4023
Model: 4157
Model: 4175
Model: 4155
Model: 4164
Model: 4154
Model: 4166
Model: 4174
Model: 4172
Model: 4181
Model: 4185