Italian piano means careful, clear, smooth or soft. In our Marmoleum Piano design, a subtle, soft fiber pattern combines with a solid solid color background, which together provide dust camouflaging properties. Our Piano flooring is the perfect solution for those who love the minimalist and simple look of our Walton collection, yet want to hide dirt.

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Durable & durable floor

97% natural ingredients
72% fast renewed materials
43% recycled materials

Highest performance created by nature
The natural and renewable raw materials make Marmoleum the most durable elastic floor in the market. It is PVC-free and contains no plasticizers or mineral oils.

The most important ingredients in Marmoleum are:
● linseed oil coming from the seedling seed
● wood flour from controlled forests
● jute, the natural carrier tissue that forms the back of linoleum

Marmoleum has the important global environmental certificates such as the Swan and Blue Angel.