Give the floor life!
With Marmoleum Striato Textura we add a new dimension to our linoleum floors by embossing it with 2 textures: flow and driftwood. The embossing opens up to play with the light and the light shadows that the texture creates, and gives life to the floor.

A practical advantage of a floor with structure is that ordinary wear due to daily use becomes less visible. At the same time, the embossing also improves the resistance of the floor (R10).

Model: e5216
Model: e5232
Model: e3573
Model: e5231
Model: e5236
Model: e5217
Model: e5235
Sustainable and durable flooring

97% natural raw materials
72% fast renewable
43% recycled material

High performance created by nature
Made from natural, renewable materials, Marmoleum linoleum floors are the most sustainable elastic flooring available. Contains no phthalates, no plasticizers or mineral oil. The main raw materials used to produce linoleum include:

● linseed oil coming from the flaxseed plant
● wood flour from controlled forests and
● jute, the natural backing on which linoleum is calendered

Marmoleum is measured in relation to all the important sustainable global eco-labels such as. The Swan label and Blue Angel.

Designed to create a type of linoleum that meets everyday wear requirements, Topshield2 is even more dirt resistant, more durable and has better scratch and stain resistance, creating a long lasting and beautiful floor that is easy to clean.