In this category you will find a large selection of mats for entrance areas from Forbo.


Cushions are important in modern buildings as they reduce maintenance costs, help keep the building presentable throughout the day, and maintain the interior against wear and tear. The entrance party is also the first thing your customers see.

Professional entrance areas for businesses and private
Forbo Flooring provides professional approaches for both companies and private in 32 different countries. Forbo Flooring is an international group with many years of experience in creating the perfect entrance for different needs. A good, high-quality entrance is an effective way to reduce the cost of cleaning, repair and maintenance.

Forbo offers high-quality unique flooring solutions that, through durability and design finish, ensure the best solutions at every step of the building's life cycle, from specification to fitting the finished floor. We also service private people who want a new nice entrance that remains nice for many years.

Keep your building clean and safe

If you want to keep your building clean and safe it is not enough to lay a mat at the door. The health authorities warn against broken mats, as they can cause accidents and are not always effective.

Getting the most effective entrance requires that you think of traffic - the number of people entering and going over a given period - and walking routes (the directions they go in) and using the information when the entrance party is planned.
One of the best ways to think about entrances is to think of coatings:

Zone 1: Scraping zones
Mats located outside the entrance of the building are the first protection against dirt coming in with the shoes. Here, the coarse dirt is scraped off the shoe soles before entering the building.

Zone 2: Absorption zones
When entering, the second protection comes that removes fruit and finer dirt particles from the shoes.

Zone 3: Circulation zones
The other areas in the building are also affected by dirt and moisture coming in with the shoes, for example. reception areas, hallways, passages to other parts of the building, lifts and stairwells. All of these areas are affected by the rest of the dirt on the shoes and can benefit from a well-thought-out and well - designed Coral procedure that can absorb the dirt.

Reduce costs

Studies show that up to 94% of all dirt and moisture entering a building is brought in from the outside onto the shoes and wheels. This dry and wet moisture makes the interior look dirty and outwardly, and is brought further into the other floor coverings.

If you do not take the necessary measures, the maintenance costs will be nine times the cost of acquisition over the life of the floor. A well-designed entrance area will prevent dirt and moisture from entering the building and will extend the life of the remaining floor covering and reduce costs.