Contact adhesive Uzin WK 222


Water-based, safe and effective for contact gluing of any kind.

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Water-based neoprene contact adhesive for all kinds of building-relevant contact glues. Replaces the well-known old neoprene with solvents, has good traction and is easy to apply * with brush or roller. The glue has a long open time and can be applied the day before the bonding must take place. Working with this glue does not require any safety considerations of any kind and the glue is also low in emission with the designation EC 1.

Consumption: 300 - 450 g / m² total consumption on both sides, with coarse foam roll.

Field of application:

  • For gluing of stair profiles and PVC panels
  • For mounting of coatings on stairs
  • For gluing wall coverings
  • Suitable for all common types of coatings and substrates, indoors


  • Easy to apply with roller or brush
  • Small consumption
  • Can be applied the day before assembly
  • Very powerful glue effect