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Dana Lim Linoleum Glue 256


Water-based with strong hug and long open time

Model: 7233
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Product description & application:

Linoleum adhesive 256 is a special product developed for i.a. linoleum. The glue has a long open time and has a particularly strong hug already in the wet glue stage. Linoleum adhesive 256 is a water-based dispersion adhesive. The glue is used for bonding linoleum on absorbent and weakly absorbing substrates such as concrete, wood fiber panels and cement putty masses. The adhesive is furthermore suitable for wet gluing of e.g. rugs with or without latex backing.

Physical / chemical data:

Size: 10 liters

Type: Water-based co-polymer dispersion

Color: Light beige

Consistency: Pastous, thixotropic

Solids content: approx. 68%

Density: approx. 1.3 kg / liter

Shelf life: Minimum 12 months in unopened packaging for cool storage. Store frost-free.


Preparation: The glue is stirred before use. Glue and coating are tempered before use to between 18 ° C

and 25 ° C. The linoleum coating is cut and acclimatized for at least 24 hours in loosely standing rollers in a vertical position or loosely laid out on the floor surface. The moisture percentage in the subfloor must be max. be of size fixed for the floor covering in question (85% RF for linoleum). Moisture measurement must be done in accordance with GSO Gulvfakta's rules. Possibly moisture insulation must be done. Bonding can be done on clean, even, flat and sustained dry substrates such as concrete, wood fiber boards and cement putty. The substrate should be absorbent to minimize the tendency for moisture-related movements in the linoleum webs. If the subfloor is not absorbent, a layer thickness of at least 2 mm must be used with a floor mortar. Always follow the paving supplier's instructions. The subfloor must have a flatness of max. +/- 2 mm, measured on a 2 m straight. For floor heating, special precautions must be taken. See the supplier's instructions. Floor tile primers are primed with Primer 600 diluted with water, in a ratio of 1: 5. Anhydrite substrate is primed twice with Primer 600 diluted with water. First time 1: 5, second time 1: 3. The primer should be completely dry before application.

Application temperature: 18 ° C to 25 ° C. The relative humidity in the room must not exceed 65%. The humidity can possibly reduced by air heating and / or ventilation.

Application: The glue is applied to the floor with a toothpick. The coating is mounted in the wet adhesive. When gluing on slightly absorbent surfaces, the coating should first be installed after approx. 20 minute wait. However, the glue must still feel wet and cause contamination on the back of the coating. Linoleum is a natural material in which moisture-related movements occur. This should be taken into account when cutting. The coating is drummed immediately after assembly and again after approx. 1 hour.

Adhesive quantity: The recommended adhesive amount depends on the type of coating.

Linoleum: 3 m² / liter

Carpets: 4 - 5 m² / liter

Finishing: Do not install the melting wire before the adhesive is cured and the moisture-controlled movements of the linoleum strips have ceased. This usually takes 1-2 days.

Cleaning: Remove skin from the skin with soap and water. Tools are cleaned with water while the glue is still

wet. Dried glue dissolves with petroleum.