Linoleum adhesive CascoLin Plus


Special adhesive for bonding linoleum on absorbent surfaces.

Model: 103449
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A special adhesive designed for bonding linoleum. The adhesive can also be used for bonding needle felt, cork and textile coatings. The glue has good application properties and can used in areas with heavy loads.

Technical data

Consumption: 3-3.5 m² / ltr.
Mounting time: 0-25 min.

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  • The substrate must be dry, pressure and tensile and flat and stable.
  • It must be cleaned so that it is free of grease, oil, soap residue and other separating agents.
  • residual moisture 85% and moisture content in particle board max. 8-12%.
  • In addition, follow the floor bill requirements for the substrate.


  • Stir the glue before use.
  • Follow the recommendations of the coating supplier regarding temperature and RF.
  • Linoleum must always be mounted on a absorbent substrate in wet glue.

On absorbent surfaces

  • Apply the glue with a toothed spatula eg 6121. Do not use more glue than is necessary to obtain a good adhesion within the mounting time.
  • Install the coating as soon as possible or after a short wait. The coating is rubbed well in the glue so that all air bumps disappear. For best results, the coating should be drummed after approx. 30-60 min.
  • Make sure there is full contraction to the entire back of the coating.