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Linoleum adhesive UZIN LE 42


Traditional glue for bonding linoleum. Old-fashioned adhesive type for effective bonding of linoleum in lanes or tiles, cork, cork linoleum, UZIN rubber cork. Long open time, wire-forming, fast-curing and high-strength.

Model: 421700
Weight: 17
Availability: In stock

Field of application:

  • For linoleum up to 4 mm thick
  • For bonding on and on Korkment
  • For UZIN anti-noise floor support RR 188
  • For carpets with textile backing and the like
  • On absorbent surfaces


  • Traditionally processable dispersion
  • Easy to apply
  • Short venting time
  • Powerful "mind"
  • Fast curing

Consumption: 400-480 grams per. m2