Oak table top - More goals!

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When buying sheet lengths over 150 cm. freight supplements must be purchased. Freight surcharge can be found in the "Recommended" tab below. Choose freight surcharge according to where you live and plate length ordered. If you have any doubts about how to order, please contact us by mail or phone.

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The worktop is supplied untreated. We recommend that the sheet is sanded with fine sandpaper and oiled before use.

Oak table top sharp-edged. Oak table top that can be used for kitchens, utility rooms or the like. The wide plates can also be used for other tables such as. dining tables.

It is to be expected that the table tops must be cut clean over the ends as they are not cut from the factory . The worktops consist of finger-joined rods. Glued wood boards and shelves are often made of wood dimensions that form part of the total utilization of the raw wood used for our other products, and a coordinated production enables us to offer these products at the lowest prices on the market. The plates are supplied untreated and it is always recommended to coat the plate before use.

Product Information:

Solid hardwood boards are a "natural product" made from slowly growing wood. Wood is a living material that is dried down to 6-10% moisture, which corresponds to normal indoor moisture of 50-60%. Wood is a living material that works in step with the humidity in the room. A humidity of 80-90% will mean that the hardwood plate can work up to 10 mm in the width direction. If the top / underside of the worktop is exposed to the uneven effect, it will "turn" (one side will expand more than the other side). Remember oil / lacquer on both sides. When wood is dried, small air pockets occur. These are natural and can possibly be. repaired with wood pulp. Small scratches are a natural part of hardwood boards and do not form the basis for complaints.


After installation, the plate must be oiled thoroughly before use. Repeat oiling until all pores are closed. Pay particular attention to the end tree and repeat repeatedly until no more oil is drawn. Be careful with cuts (eg for washing) that they are also thoroughly sealed. NOTE: Be aware that linseed oil is self-igniting and follow the supplier's instructions.