Haro Parket - Why should?

In principle, we got the idea from our projects for attractive sales premises to our dealers: We needed a table that in a timeless manner represented our message of genuine quality parquet flooring. This was how the HARO table first appeared on the drawing board, as a stylish centerpiece for our premium dealer's showroom. When the first prototypes were ready, we found that we were really successful with a stylish piece of furniture. The surface of beautiful, everyday and robust parquet, the frame of premium steel in the current, complete rust look. When the orders from our trading partners took over, we decided to serialize the table. An eye-catcher in any room, regardless of the floor being laid.

Model: 535228
Model: 535226
Model: 535227
Model: 535394
Model: 535392
Model: 535393

Wood on the wall - it meets popular housing trends. Simple furniture and large glass surfaces match the floors and walls that radiate warmth and have structures. Parquet on the wall has become increasingly popular. The installation of a nice HARO parquet on the wall is easy to play: pull the protective foil on the back, apply mounting glue and glue it to the wall. The room thus gets contrast and benefits from the natural radiance in the interplay between parquet flooring and HARO Wall.

  • The lightest and fastest system for the wall covering.
  • Very natural design thanks to careful selection of the most beautiful woods.
  • Particularly natural appearance with the matte, oil-treated surfaces with different textures.
  • The limited build height makes it unnecessary with frames around the sides.
  • Without holes, without nails, without screws.

Remove the protective foil. The ComforTec adhesive strips are attached immediately. Apply mounting adhesive. Press firmly. Finished work!