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What is BambooPlank ™?
BambusPlank ™ is developed at Holse & Wibroe A / S.

Bamboo is known for its great strength in Asia, America and large parts of Europe. For this reason, bamboo has also been used as flooring material for many years.

Bamboo is naturally equipped with a fantastic robustness and this makes it extremely suitable for flooring material. The robustness means that you get an extremely high wear resistance while the floor exhibits a shape stability that surpasses all wood species.

The surface hardness of a product is measured on a scale called brinell. The Brinell value of bamboo is 4.7 while the oak is approx. 3.4 and beech 4.2. The Brinell scale shows that bamboo is much more durable than, for example, oak & beech. This means that the bamboo floor has a longer life than wood flooring.

Bamboo Plank ™ is produced by "slipping" the bamboo and then heating it up to soften it. The bamboo is then pressed together with glue and then processed into planks.
Bamboo floors are usually known as the stave park, ie a floor to be laid on top of a solid surface. But Holse & Wibroe A / S has for a year tested and developed BambusPlank ™, so we can now offer a floor where the consumer can mount the floor as he / she wants. The floor can now both be mounted on joists or a solid surface. Furthermore, we have developed the floor so that it is a wide plank floor rather than a narrow parquet floor.

BambusPlank ™ is one of the biggest news in floors in Denmark for many years and will help set new standards for what the builder, architect and craftsman will demand from their floors in the future!

Where can BambusPlank ™ be used?
Bamboo Plank ™ can be used in all types of construction.
Due to its high abrasion resistance, BambusPlank ™ has a clear justification in both office, shop, industry, rental housing and ordinary housing. To extend the floor life, it will be a natural choice to use BambusPlank ™ on heavily loaded floor areas.

BambooPlank ™ is available in many different variants and combined with its exclusive appearance, everyone will find a floor that suits their needs and desires.
Bamboo Plank ™ can be mounted on any surface and as one of very few plank floors, it can also withstand floor heating. Due to the fact that it can be mounted on all surfaces, it is now possible that you can get the same flooring throughout the building - even if you have fixed subfloor on the ground floor and beams / beams on the 1st floor.