Swimming laying? The elements are angled in - Pressed down - Finished work

Top Connect - installation in zero comma five
This newly developed laying system is probably the simplest in the world. The elements are first angled onto the long side and locked together at the ends without the use of force. Top Connect is both simple and secure. The secret is the patented spring mechanism that connects the individual planks exactly to each other.

Overview of your benefits

  • Extremely fast and easy installation
  • Precise and professional connection technology
  • Easy to lay, easy to remove again
  • Flooring without tools
  • Safe connection at the ends and on the long sides

Step sound attenuation - More comfort

The Silent Pro comfort soundproofing pad reduces foot noise with up to 23 son units * and room noise to a minimum, making the sound more comfortable, reducing sound duration and making laying easier. Thus, you not only protect your ears and your neighbors, but also your joints and your spine. The comfort soundproofing pad provides soft, resilient steps.

We generally recommend using sound damping substrates for hard subfloors, whether it be cement floors, particle boards, wood, ceramic or plastic floors. They improve the elasticity of the floor, reduce reverb and footwear and smooth out minor unevenness in the floor. It not only spares any ears and over-ears, but also your parquet floor. You choose:

Overview of your benefits

  • Excellent sound attenuation of steps (up to 19 dB) and room noise (up to 23 Son units *)
  • The "forest floor effect" spares the joints and spine
  • Floor laying and silencing in a work step
  • Suitable for laying on top of floor heating
  • Can be cut easily and cleanly
  • Residual materials can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way with household waste
  • The soundproofing substrate is also available separately

Naturalness? Responsible action

There is a long way from a newly planted small tree to a parquet floor of precious woods - at least from a time perspective. Otherwise, Hamberger advocates the short workflows and retrieves the vast majority of the wood used for HARO parquet from the vicinity of the production sites.

Certified production
Also in production, Hamberger assumes the role of pioneer in terms of sustainability and environmental protection and was already certified in 1998 as one of the first companies in the wood processing industry according to DIN EN 14001: Dynamic environmental competence from a company with regional roots and a long tradition, which You already see the products for the first time, because of the certification with the eco-label "Der blaue Engel".

Brand quality made in Germany
CELENIO - it's quality Made in Germany. For you to always be sure that your floor meets the highest quality standards, tests, we continuously monitor and ensure production and our products with the quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.

Environmental protection
Environmental protection is part of our daily work. The best proof of this: HAMBERGER is certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001.

Care? completely clean

Dry cleaning
HARO floors are very maintenance-friendly. Usually, it is enough to dry clean with a mop, broom or vacuum cleaner. Should it be very clean? Then try the special cleaning cloth HARO Easy Clean. Rubber marks from shoe soles or grease stains can be easily and simply removed with HARO stain remover.

Cleaning with water
In rainy weather or in winter, boots sometimes carry heavier dirt into the house and make cleaning with water necessary. Pour in this connection 1 cup of CELENIO Basic care in the water and wipe the surface with the hard-wrung cloth. The floor must not be wet, but only slightly damp. To achieve a uniform, long-acting shine, polish it with a dry HARO nursing cloth. Finished work!

You should always be aware of that
In order for you to always enjoy your CELENIO floor, never use brown soap, abrasives, steel wool or wax for cleaning and care. Wipe off any wet spots immediately. Steam cleaners are also not suitable for cleaning CELENIO. In short: Protect your floor from moisture!

Even more protection for your floor
With the right protection, your floor will be beautiful for a long time. Felt pillows under chairs and table legs help avoid scratches. Wheels under armchairs and office chairs must comply with DIN 68 131, coating type W (soft). In the entrance area, foot mats ensure that pebbles and dirt do not enter the dwelling. As a basis for armchairs and office chairs, we recommend that you use polycarbonate mats.

Structure and warranty? Best quality for your home.

Our guarantee
CELENIO items are the right choice for anyone who wants exceptional luxury. The exciting elements are available in three formats and for three different laying methods. For the modern home. Unlike it is kitchen, dining room, bedroom ... CELENIO provides more quality of life due to floor heating and the high breaking strength.

We are in charge of CELENIO's quality and provide a 15-year guarantee for breakages in homes.

Heat and comfort
Nice and comfortable: CELENIO also shows the way in comfort. The warmth of the elements ensures surprisingly sensuous experiences and a completely new floor culture.

The innovative material: HAROLITH 1
It is a pleasure to present: Harolith 1 ! For CELENIO we have found something very special. We press the innovative wood material under heavy pressure into three-dimensional elements. And because the imagination does not know any boundaries, there are slate, stone, textile and rock stone look, as well as wave design, inviting and at the same time surprising CELENIO surfaces.

Worth knowing: Good reasons for CELENIO by HARO

  • Brand quality from Germany's leading parquet manufacturer
  • Made in Germany
  • Innovative product in the wood material Harolith 1
  • Special, modern surface structures and colors
  • Lovely warm and comfortable to walk on
  • Incredibly fragile
  • Living naturalness
  • Easy to lay, also on top of floor heating
  • Resistant and incredibly easy to care for
  • 15 year warranty

Mounting on the wall? the new form of wall design

CELENIO convinces just as much in the kitchen with practical beauty as a remarkable backdrop for homes. It has never been easier to realize extravagant individuality in such a pleasing way. You can choose - can be mounted in two variants: Direct gluing to the wall or mounting as shelving system (FN decoshelf)

Just configure your wall with our CELENIO Deco-Shelf configurator. You get a material list and suggestions for the shelving system: