An interwoven world
Linie Design is a Danish design company, founded in 1980. Linie Design is Northern Europe's largest wholesaler and develops handmade carpets. Elegant colors and exquisite materials are a natural part of Linie Design's everyday life.

Tradition is a keyword, both when it comes to Nordic design and unique craftsmanship. All rugs are designed by renowned Scandinavian designers and handwoven by Indian weavers who have refined their craftsmanship through generations.

A modern Nordic expression is interwoven with all designs, and Linie Design is always looking for new ways to design, weave and combine. Patterns, materials and expressions are rethought, and the result speaks for itself: the carpets are sold in more than 60 countries worldwide! Linie Design offers a very flexible logistic set-up, and thanks to high purchasing volume and great market know-how, prices are very competitive.

Line Design's philosophy

The core of Linie Design's business

Linie Design's Nordic roots define the entire design understanding. Quality and simple aesthetics are fundamental to everything they do - and they are constantly exploring new materials, methods, patterns and ideas.

Line Design, however, is nothing without their great know-how about both weaving, materials and markets. They collaborate with highly qualified production units, and some of Scandinavia's best designers as well as skilled dealers worldwide. Together, Linie Design creates a dynamic product followed by growth and success.

Their vision is to fill the world with beauty. Therefore, the beautiful rugs are characterized by aesthetic grace, high quality and great functionality. Professionalism, honesty, unpretentiousness and customer service are key words in Linie Design's way of doing business.

Line Design fits the environment

Linie Design wants the greenhouse gases to be reduced as much as possible. Therefore, they expect their production units to produce in accordance with applicable local environmental requirements. All production waste must be handled in a responsible manner, and any discharge must be subject to continuous monitoring.

Linie Design complies with the EU directive REACH, which ensures that all applicable environmental requirements are complied with and that chemical products are approved, registered and controlled.

We reach out for safety

It goes without saying that quality and safety are important for Line Design. No materials must pose a risk to health.
To ensure that all applicable environmental requirements are complied with, Linie Design has prepared a guideline in cooperation with a specialized chemist. The purpose of the 'Product Environment Guideline' is to ensure that the products are developed in accordance with local laws and regulations in the production country concerned, as well as applicable legislation in the EU, US and Canada.

All Linie Design's products comply with the EU directive REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemical Substances).