iQ Optima - A Classic Makeover

Phthalate free and durable, homogeneous vinyl flooring for business areas. The collection comprises 64 colors divided into 6 different color and pattern series, all available with a classic smooth surface in 2 meters width.
In addition to the classic Optima pattern, the new, unique patterned Essence is also available with embossed surface and elongated strips with embossed surface and bevelled edges.

For all colors, multicolored welding wires are available which hide the joints. In addition, there are color-coordinated solutions for different functional requirements: sound-absorbing iQ Optima Acoustic, Optima Multisafe with profiled, anti-slip surface for floors in barefoot areas and as wet room floors.
iQ Optima, like Tarkett's other homogeneous vinyl floors, is completely phthalate-free and has VOC emissions below the measurable level with TVOC <10 µg / m3 after 28 days. Combined with high durability, longevity, gentle and economical care methods, and a dry-polished surface to become new, the iQ Optima is the perfect choice for hospital and school environments.

Model: 3242820
Model: 3242826
Model: 3242849
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Model: 3242871
Model: 3242900
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