A solid wooden floor has a natural beauty that gives a space unspoilt decor possibilities. Juncker's floors create elegant harmony, they are stylish and distinctive at the same time.

Here you will find Junckers wide selection of woods, floor types, colors and textures. Juncker's large assortment ensures that you always find something that suits you.

Floor characteristics

No two trees in the forest are the same. Also no two cuts or finished floorboards. Each and every parquet board has its own game of landscapes, knots and color shades, shaped by weather, seasons and forest wildlife for many decades. No two floors are alike, but will always have their own individual expression, which is both the charm and the challenge of working and living with wood. At Junckers you can choose from three categories of characteristics, depending on the term you want.

CLASSIC: Very uniform color and appearance.

HARMONY: A natural look with more variation in color and grain.

VARIATION: A rustic look with lots of games in colors and shades.


Our floors are usually delivered finished with oil or lacquer, ready for use. Alternatively, you can choose an untreated floor if you prefer to coat it yourself before using it.

Oil: Oil treatment emphasizes the glow of the wood and provides a soft, natural surface that is durable and easy to maintain.

Silk mat lacquer : Silkemat lacquer treatment emphasizes the glow of the wood and gives a strong and very durable surface. The floor is very easy to clean and suitable for the busy family or high traffic areas.

Ultra-light paint : Ultra-light paint treatment combines the natural appearance of the wood with a strong and durable, easy-to-clean surface.

Untreated : Junckers floors delivered untreated must be surface treated with one of Junckers professional oil or varnish products before use.