Kährs wooden floors

From experience, many ideas arise. Kährs has been working with wood for over 150 years and is today one of the oldest wooden floor manufacturers in the world. Kährs is still in the town of Nybro, in the middle of a Swedish forest, where the company was founded in 1857. The knowledge of wood that Kährs has accumulated over the years has passed down from generation to generation.

Start by choosing which collection you want to look into. Kährs produces many wooden floors and you can spend a long time finding the right product for your upcoming construction or renovation project.

Kährs is one of the world's oldest producers of hardwood floors - and one of the most innovative.

It began in 1857, when Johan Kähr the elder started a turning workshop in Nybro and began to produce wooden articles, such as parts for spinning wheels.

In 1919 Gustaf Kähr, grandson of Johan, AB forms Gustaf Kähr. Under his leadership, the company developed. It became an important and innovative manufacturer of wooden doors, toys, furniture and floors. Gustaf devoted himself to finding effective ways of using wood raw material and improving the shape stability of the wood when used as building materials. His persistence paid off when, in 1937, he received a patent for the invention of the modern multi-layered door.

After this success, he worked hard to find a solution to the problem of cracks, twists and curves of wooden floors. After several years, in 1941, Kährs received a patent for the invention of the modern factory-made parquet floor.

Kährs over 150 years of history is lined with a number of innovations over the years, shaping the entire global wood flooring industry - from the invention of the parquet flooring to the glue-free installation with the Woodloc ® joint system.


1941 - The parquet flooring floor sees the light of day

Kährs reached a milestone in his - and wooden floor - story in 1941, when Gustaf Kähr, the founder's grandson, took a patent on the parquet floor.

1958 - The first factory-lacquered floor

Previously, the floors were laid and sanded and then lacquered on site. The manufacture of factory-painted floors required a high degree of precision to ensure that the surface was smooth and uniform, while Kährs introduced a degree of precision in production, which had not been seen in the woodworking industry before.

1965 - The first sports floor

Kährs patented a brand new sports floor construction, where the boards were mounted on a flexible system of joists, which resulted in a floor that was able to absorb shocks and respond more uniformly to sports activities. Most modern sports floors are still based on this construction.

1984 - Non-solvent lacquer

Kährs introduced environmental protection measures long before this became common practice in the industry, and Kährs was the first wood flooring manufacturer to introduce a solvent-free manufacturing process.

1995 - A new generation of wooden floors is launched: Linnea

Kährs launched Linnea, a series of floors with outstanding qualities. Despite the thin surface layer, Linnea floors are as hard and durable as many types of imitation wood, for example. laminate flooring. Linnea is a stylish floor that is durable and easy to lay, and it is also an environmentally friendly and economical solution.

2000 - Woodloc®, a world first

Kährs launched the world's first parquet flooring with a glueless Woodloc® collection. The technology was revolutionary in that it made it faster to lay the floor and gives perfect results without any space between boards as a result of climate change.

2004 - Activity Floor, the new sports floor

Kährs developed and launched a new sports floor, Activity Floor with integrated cushioning and Woodloc®, which can be laid directly on the subfloor without time-consuming coat structures and used on larger areas. The floor is approved according to the international standard for sports floors, DIN, and is used for major sports events, such as the World Cup and the European Championship in aerobics.

2010 - The next generation of the wooden floor assembly system

Kährs launched the next generation Woodloc® joint system - Woodloc® 5S. With this new system, the laying of the floor becomes even faster and easier, and this also makes the floor stronger.

2011 - The world's first floor made of FSC® and Fairtrade-certified wood.

Kährs manufactures and sells the world's first floor with both FSC® and Fairtrade-certified wood. Dual certification not only supports the restoration of forest biodiversity, but also helps to alleviate poverty by giving local foresters an opportunity to obtain sustainable income.