Kährs Chevron Frameboard Oak Light Brown

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The Chevron boards are partly handmade, giving each board a unique look

Model: 151XADEKWJKW190

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The Chevron boards are partly handmade, giving each board a unique look. Between the wear layer on each board there is a phase to emphasize the herringbone pattern. It is allowed with a difference of up to 3 mm where the phase meets in the left and right boards. The difference must be present on a maximum of three wearing layers per. stick. Oak Chevron White is oiled with a warm, white tone. Sparkled cams and crevices must occur. The floor should be glued down to the substrate and installed with Kährs Satin Oil Matt immediately after installation.

Dimensions: 148 x 1900 x 15 mm

Wear: approx. 4 mm.

Wood species: Oak

Core material: Plywood / plywood

Design: Pattern

Sorting: Lively (Country)

Laying method: Full bonding

Detailed Description: Natural variations in the color of the wood may occur, from light brown to dark brown. The product contains medium-sized solid and black studs. Knobs can vary in size and number.

Collection: Chevron Collection

Assortment: Kährs ID

Fuge: Not

Color change: Lased products - noticeable color change over time.

Hardness (Brinell value): 2.2 - 5.9

Item number: 151XADEKWJKW190

Surface treatment: Oil

Design elements: Faceted 4-sides, Brushed, Lightly smoked

Content per package: 2.25 m2

Planks per Package: 8 planks

Warranty: 30 years


Installation Instructions