Kirkedal Komposit Hegn is an exclusive quality product with a wide range of accessories and options. The product is easy to work with and easy to set up. Kirkedal Composite Fence should only be cleaned with water and Kirkedal clean. Kirkedal Composite Fence is available with 2 different profiles - fer / groove or as a rivet profile, so you can determine the final look yourself. In addition, Kirkedal is delivered

Composite fences in both Black, Gray and White.

Model: 1826527
Model: 1826521
Model: 1826524
Model: 1826530
Model: 1826533
Model: 1894082
Model: 1938013
Model: 1826528
Model: 1868999
Model: 1869000
Model: 1950316
Model: 1951822