Pergo New England oak plank

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New England Oak is a beige oak design filled with charm and personality. As part of our Pergo Sensation collection with AquaSafe technology, it is virtually impossible to distinguish from real wood, and it has a unique protection against water. This laminate floor comes with silk matte finish and lifelike cracks and knots thanks to Genuine ™ rustic - a surface texture that highlights details such as cracks, cams and scraped effects. The feel of wooden planks is further enhanced by the phases along all four edges. Living Expression is a Pergo quality level that is perfect for ordinary use in private homes.

Model: L0331-03369
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Blonde Oak is a light laminate floor in classic plank length. This floor has our Genuine ™ wooden structure, a lightly polished surface structure that follows the tree into every detail, complemented by a silk-smooth finish. Our livingExpression quality level is suitable for universal use in the home.

Formats: 1380 x 190 mm.

Content per package: 1,835 m2

Quality level: living Expression

Moisture resistance: High

Warranty: 25 years / lifetime on Original and Public

Click system: PerfectFold ™ 3.0

Antistatic: YES

Riding resistance: High

Surface protection: AquaSafe / TitanX ™

Thickness: 8 mm.

Living   Expression = Reliable wear resistance for universal use in the home.

»Class 32
»TitanX ™
»25 year warranty.