Don't compromise on your floors - with linoleum you get sustainable floors in uncompromising design at a reasonable price! The product is mainly made of sustainable materials that are easy to clean and very robust. There are few floor coverings that have received as many eco-labels as Linoleum. At the same time, the product is easy to maintain, thanks to durable surface treatments.

Of course we also have welding wire for all linoleum floors, find it under accessories. Click here to buy welding wire

If you want to mount your new linoleum floor yourself, you can see DLW Armstrong's mounting video. Click here to watch video

Touch one of our suppliers to see the wide range of different linoleum floors. We currently have about. 700 different linoleum floors for sale in our online store. We therefore believe that we can call ourselves Denmark's leading supplier of linoleum flooring online. If you need help or advice to choose your new linoleum floor, you are welcome to contact us by phone or email. Help and advice is of course free.