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quartz strip list 10x10 mm.


quartz strip list 10x10 mm.

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Quartz bars are often used on doorsteps, worktops or as a corner list in the wall's inward corners. The quarter-bar strip is very flexible and easily follows the floor's unevenness and light curvatures at the door. The list is completely finished in the colors shown.

The plastic material used is extremely robust and impervious to moisture, and requires only a minimum of maintenance to stay neat for years.

The backstop can be stitched, glued, slid, clamped or screwed. Can be fitted with an alcohol-based silicone or mounting glue.
Attaches every 30-50 cm depending on the substrate. Flakes not when assembled.

For cleaning and maintenance use a regular cleaning agent such as Ajax, Vanish, scouring powder, saline ammonia, acetic acid or chlorine.
Solvents such as acetone, thinner or butyl acetate must not be used.
Do not under any circumstances clean with a scouring pad.

Supplied in lengths of 2500 mm